Best Divorce attorney in NY!

“I hired Evan Wiederkehr after all my prior attorneys failed to help me achieve the results I wanted. I would like to say that my divorce case was not an easy one considering my ex-husband had carefully and strategically prepared himself for the event several months in advanced. We were married for 15+ years with kids. My ex-husband and I started several businesses together, much of the assets were in Trusts and companies in various jurisdictions some of which were international. My ex-husband and his divorce attorney secretedly moved almost all of our marital the assets out of the US and virtually made himself poor on paper. His attorney advised him to gradually stop contributing to the household maintenance and generating income. Some of you reading this might have had a similar story. Once I realized what my Ex-husband was doing I filed for divorce using an attorney recommended by a family friend who was not experienced to understand the complexity of marital assets and the company structures. He struggled with my case and was intimidated by my Ex and his attorney. I then hired a bunch of women attorneys who advertised on the internet they were the TOP divorced legal team for family matters. Quite frankly they gave me headaches daily and didn’t accomplish anything besides enriching their purse to buy more expensive art work to adorn their fancy office. I quickly realized my mistake by not hiring Evan Wiederkehr in the first place to represent me. I had used Evan before and I knew he was a knowledgeable and shrewd attorney who would not stand down until he got his client’s interest covered. My Ex and his attorney employed the same intimidation and often unethical tactic of pretending they wanted to settle so that we would not file motions in the court to expediate the proceedings. They would hold up the settlement negotiation for months knit-picking and making unreasonable demands. During the entire divorce period I had almost drained my liquid asset with paying bills and supporting myself and the kids. It was a GREAT relief to me that Evan’s firm took creditcard payments which helped me stand my ground and continue my fight without worrying about my dwindling finances. Even though my Ex was delaying and attempting to financially bully me into settling on his terms which you can imagine was not very favorable to me or fair. Evan understood quite clearly the results I wanted and did his absolute best to achieve it and ensure my rights were protected. He didn’t over charge me as the other attorneys did or over promise on his ability. I was enormously relieved and confident while Evan handled my case and highly recommend him to others.”