Excellent Attorney

“I met Evan while I was sleeping in a friend’s basement after leaving my home with my two children, two dogs and what we could carry. I knew I needed an order of protection and I also knew I needed an attorney. I gathered recommendations and one name came up again and again: Evan Wiederkehr. I called Evan and spoke with Jesse, his paralegal, and she connected me with Evan immediately. Evan was on break while on trial and took the call, then called me back later that day. Believing I needed to engage in my own manner of due diligence to find an attorney, I spoke with several other attorneys after those initial conversations with Evan. The last attorney I spoke with informed me that she only worked with high networth clients. She then asked who else I had spoken with and I reeled off the names. She stopped on Evan’s name and said, “If you can get Evan to take your case, go with him, he’s excellent.” I called Evan that day to retain him. Sparing the details, my divorce involved every conceivable aspect of the human condition and experience from abuse to financial dishonesty. At every step of the way, Evan was clear and motivated to protect me and my children and made our well-being emotionally and financially his priority. He knows the law and importantly he knows when to fight and when to allow events to unfold. He’s patient with the process knowing he will reach his goal in bringing to light what is necessary. In deposition, he walked my ex-husband mercilessly through questions about different financial processes leading him to think that Evan didn’t know how things worked which in the end allowed Evan to lead him to reveal that he’d lied about use of marital assets. Evan made this process as humane as it could have been for me. Just when you feel as if you can’t take another step, Evan meets the challenge with humor. Others have commented on Evan’s humor as well as his real caring for his clients. To drive this point home, I’d say that for most of the last two years I’ve felt as if I were Evan’s only client. In my view, this is exactly what you want from your attorney when your life and future hang in the balance.”