Incredible Divorce Lawyer

“Evan is truly an incredible attorney and person. Throughout my divorce, he was a fantastic strategic partner to me and a thoughtful, reasonable and relentless advocate. I have worked with many professionals, not just lawyers, over the course of my life, and he is among the most capable I have ever encountered. As a graduate of Harvard Law School, I tapped my network for recommendations for lawyers, and Evan came back at the top of the list. Being a former lawyer myself, I held him to a nearly unreasonably high standard, and he far exceeded it. Equally importantly, Evan was always mindful of my financial circumstances. He would never compromise our case for the sake of cost, but he always struck the right balance between cost and seeking judicial intervention. He always acted like he was spending his own money when we had to make a decision. Lastly, he was always available whenever I needed him, nights, weekends, anytime. I unconditionally and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of counsel for a matrimonial matter. Evan possesses a wide range of skills that make him a particularly capable and skilled advocate. He successfully negotiated the custody arrangement that was critical for the children and me and helped me navigate an extremely contentious divorce with both legal and general advice. He also secured, after trial, a support obligation which reflected the reality of my and my former spouse’s financial circumstances (even though she and her team of lawyers sought support payments which would have bankrupted me). We were up against an irrational party with unlimited resources and he couldn’t have done a better job. Unfortunately, we were not able to settle our divorce and therefore had to go through a very lengthy trial. I knew Evan was a skilled negotiator and tactician based on his handling of the divorce leading up to trial, but I did not know how he would perform at a trial. Any uncertainty I had was completely unfounded. My ex-wife had hired a second attorney (apparently, one of the most well-known trial attorneys in New York) to lead the trial for her side. Evan handled the case masterfully in every way. From the depositions to opening statements to all direct and cross examination of witnesses through to the post-trial brief on my behalf. He was outstanding from not only a legal perspective but also from a practical strategy standpoint. He always advised me well, when to give and when to fight, based on how the situation would likely unfold and the cost-benefit of each issue. His years of experience and good judgement served me well. I can’t say enough good things about Evan. If you are looking for a consummate professional, one who will be tireless in representing you, but also practical, thoughtful and able to navigate just about anything that can happen in a divorce, then Evan is the right attorney for you.”