Less as More

“As an attorney who didn’t want to have a fool for a client, I retained Evan to negotiate and draft a settlement agreement between my soon-to-be-ex wife and me, rather than doing it myself. Of course, my wife had retained her own attorney, and she’d chosen someone notorious for being super-combative and difficult to deal with. My wife and I had already come to terms amicably on the major points, and I was concerned about losing that amicable tone once the attorneys got involved. To both attorneys’ great credit, that didn’t happen, and we sealed the deal with no rancor whatsoever. Evan did the primary drafting of the agreement and was very open to my input and edits. When my wife’s attorney returned drafts of the agreement with suggested changes, Evan was adept at spotting new issues and working with me to iron them out quickly and efficiently. Mine was an easy case, but I know from experience that easy cases can spin out of control and become difficult or worse. I appreciate that Evan did everything necessary and nothing unnecessary to help an emotionally-charged situation go as smoothly as it could.”