Professional and Competent

“If you are looking for an extraordinary family lawyer who is effective and responsive, Evan Wiederkehr will exceed your expectations. We had a complicated custody case that involved relocation, and demanded deep knowledge of New York law. We hired a lawyer who turned out to be completely incompetent, did the bare minimum, and lied to us about when she filed in court. We still have yet to get our money back. We lost precious time. Choosing the wrong lawyer comes with a high price financially as well as impacting children’s lives. In the midst of our legal crisis, Evan was recommended to us by a fellow lawyer, a friend of his father’s. Evan quickly mastered the complexity of our case. He is bright, personable, competent, and genuinely cares about his clients. His humorous wit was an added bonus to alleviate stress during tough court hearings and negotiations. Evan made an effort to truly understand the details of our case and to represent us fairly. He gained our full trust and was always candid if he did not agree with us. Even though the respondent’s lawyers were threatening, bullying, and unprofessional, Evan maintained his professionalism speaking with distinction, force, and conviction. Evan’s interactions with judges, lawyers, parents, child advocates, and others were always first-class and authoritative. Most importantly, Evan skillfully resolved our case, and we were granted relocation for the children. We rarely give completely unqualified recommendations, but in this case, we recommend Evan Weiderkehr without reservations. He was devoted to our family, and our family is forever grateful.”